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UpWebHosting review – Never buy web hosting from them

By   /  December 12, 2012  /  5 Comments

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When I was searching for a webhosting in my budget for few of my sites I came across UpWebHosting. Before opting for any webhosting I used to search for reviews using Google. Did the same and searched for UpWebHosting reviews.

But I am not sure until know, how I was fooled to opt for hosting from UpWebHosting. So that’s why I am writing a UpWebHosting review so none others can be fooled to buy any hosting plan from them. This UpWebHosting review is totally based on my experience with them.

If you think I am fooling you around please check my domain aata.co.in hosting history by using your favorite tool. Until today (12-Dec-2012) my domain aata.co.in was being hosted with them.

When I came across their website I was surprised to see the features available for just $1 / Month. Before buying hosting plan from them, they were perfect in answering all my queries using their Live Chat.

Based on few reviews online, my chat conversations and low rates I bought web hosting from them. Initially I had a problem with one of my site mp3nmoviesonline.com. Actually that was my problem, when I downloaded code from my previous hosting somehow one of my file was infected. I did not check it before uploading it to UpWebHosting account. During this time I got instant support using their Live Chat.

So trusting them I moved few of my other sites to the account with them. Within two months of time my site was hacked, when I contacted them they was helpless to retrieve my files, instead they created a fresh account for me. By luckily I had a back up of all my sites so I need to spend some time to get them back again.

When my site was hacked, I gave a true review on one of review sites for webhosting. For that they suspended my site stating until unless I recall my review they are not going to activate my account.

From past two months they neither replying to my support tickets(Ref below screen shot) nor their Live Chat is available. And moreover all my content was vanished from my account and they are not at all bothered to reply to my support ticket too. Now I don’t have any current backup of all my sites, instead I had my older backup. Now I pushed back to Stone Age on all my sites.

Upwebhosting Review

You may say that this will be the output if you opt for a cheap hosting. I say No, I am also hosting two my sites mp3nmoviesonline.com and this site on Hostblast. I never faced any problem and had instant support using either their Live Chat or Ticket Support system.

I did not write UpWebHosting review to prove that all cheap hosting are bad but to make you aware of UpWebHosting. Please do your research properly before opting out for any hosting whether Cheap / Budget / High end.

Get feedback from the people who really used their services. Not just get opinions from them ask their website which was hosting with that particular hosting provider. Using that domain name u can check whether they really used that particular service provider.

I think this UpWebHosting review helped you to know about UpWebHosting worst services.

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About the author

I am a Software Tester by Profession and Blogger by Hobby. I like reading and exploring new technologies related to my Profession and technology. As I am very much interested in Database testing learning SQL / PL SQL, currently at basic stage and to improve a lot. I blog using Wordpress, so learnign basic PHP which will help me a lot.


  1. Hi,

    to all that have been scammed by Upwebhosting.com-here is Facebook profile link of the owner.
    Please report him as 50 reports will get him deleted from Facebook along with his Upwebhosting site,which is crucial for his scam.

  2. raju says:

    Hi Upwebhosting.com is totally scam.please do not buy from their any service.scam scam scam


    25135 15/06/2013 16/06/2013 $12.98 USD $12.98 USD paid

    Till now, they have not activate my website.

    Here is the customer ticket I submitted for a week yet no reply from them…

    16/06/2013 08:22 General
    Ticket #479987 – Reference Number: 25135
    Customer-Reply 17/06/2013 17:05 View Ticket

    here are the invoice details:


    Please send us the payment, email us once the payment is made and we will activate your account.

    Perfect Money: U2011971
    WebMoney: Z363568034616

    Email: support@upwebhosting.com
    Reference Number: 25135
    Invoiced To
    meribeth rampulla
    Chalfont , PA, 18914
    United States

    Pay To
    UpWebhosting Inc.
    Invoice #25135
    Invoice Date: 15/06/2013
    Due Date: 16/06/2013
    Description Amount
    Domain Registration – ciuiobl.com – 1 Year/s (15/06/2013 – 14/06/2014)
    + DNS Management
    + Email Forwarding
    + ID Protection $12.98 USD
    Sub Total: $12.98 USD
    Credit: $0.00 USD
    Total: $12.98 USD
    Transaction Date Gateway Transaction ID Amount
    No Related Transactions Found
    Balance: $12.98 USD

    « Back to Client Area | Download | Close Window

    • Shiva says:

      Thanks for providing info,
      Absolutly right, They initially used to take care of every ticket very fast but later they stopped everything. Worst service ever I faced.

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